New Study Shows Consumers Prefer PS3 Blu-ray players

When surveyed as to whether customers would prefer a stand alone Blu-ray player over a Sony PS3 with same player, the majority preferred to pay less for the player and have a hi-def video game console tossed in for good measure. The study, conducted by ABI Research shows that more than half of consumers aren’t thrilled with the obscene price point of a stand alone alone player, preferring to add value to their purpose by going with the Playstation 3 instead. The study goes on to say that, although 23 percent of consumers are planning a Blu-ray purchase, even those aren’t in a hurry to get one, choosing to wait until at least 2009 before they take the Blu-ray leap.

In addition, the study also found that a whopping 87% of Playstation 3 users do watch Blu-ray movies on their PS3 player. The study’s findings are great news for SONY who is enjoying brisk sales of the Blu-ray capable PlayStation 3 game console. So, when one considers that Blu-ray sales are staggering at the current price of between $350 and 500, it isn’t surprising at all that consumers would rather have a great gaming platform tossed in for good measure.

Kudos to Sony for being so forward thinking in tossing in the Blu-ray player from the outset.

Hat Tip – Crave