New Shoes grow with kids

One thing about having kids is that they outgrow their shoes more often than they wear them out. So, it is with great interest that I’ll be following these new INCHworm trainers which promise to grow with kids up to one full shoe size.

Using a technology called “iFit,” (what, is Apple an investor?!), the INCHworm has an accordion like middle which can be pulled out after pushing a button release. Then, wearers can pull out by the toe in ½ size increments. While pulling out to extend the size, there is a counter in the heel which ticks off the size change. This translates to essentially having three pairs of shoes before having to replace them, giving Junior plenty of time to wear the shoes down a tad more before outgrowing them. In fact, designers promise that these shoes will take the toughest playground abuse kids have to offer and last three to six months longer than the average tennis shoe. The INCHworm also has another advantage … if your kid has one foot larger than the other, which is fairly common, the shoe’s can be adjusted accordingly thereby making for a far more comfortable fit.

The INCHworms are available in Great Britain now through distributor Fat Shoes Day and are available in three styles for kids aged three to ten. Cost is a tad pricey upfront, though, at $106.

Hat Tip UK Daily Mail