New Panasonic Toughbooks with Core Duo

Panasonic ToughBook CF-19

Panasonic has recently released two new cool laptops that belong in the tough category, they are code named CF-30 and CF-19. The important detail of Toughbooks is the protection that it offers and therefore the extended durability that it can achieve, it can support a lot of damage that other laptops can’t and passed some interesting tests, such as:

  • 26 drops from a height of 36 inches – and it still worked after all the strikes
  • vibration tests to use the laptop on ground vehicles (read big car)
  • water resistance – you can drop water on the keyboard and it will continue to work
  • high and low temperature tests
  • dust and altitude resistance

Ok, so after the small intro on the Panasonic Toughbook series I’m happy to reveal the 2 new products which consists of a convertible Tablet PC a.k.a. CF-19; and a clamshell notebook a.k.a. CF-30. Both have a great “cover protection” that actually is a magnesium alloy case. There are better laptops out there in terms of performance, but in terms of “protection” these two are probably the best ones.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-30

Anyway, inside they feature the latest Intel Core Duo processors and a 80GB hard-drive that can work in awful conditions, like when the vibration gets worse while you are on a plane or on a car trip. In the RAM memory department, it comes with a standard of 512MB but this can be expanded to 4GB. Other cool features include the four wireless options that both devices offer: WLAN, WWAN, GPS, bluetooth; and being “backwardly compatible” meaning that old accessories still work with the freshly launched notebooks.

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