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New laptop incorporates split keyboard

With more people struggling with the effects of carpel tunnel, it’s become more pressing for computer designers to provide more ergonomic options for users. This is also been a problem with laptop designs which struggle with ergonomic design and lightweight function, and the user usually loses the battle as laptop makers keep designing laptops with smaller, standard QWERTY keyboards. But this company not only decided to give users more room with which to type, it also figured out a way to give the user more screen real estate, very much like the Nintendo DS does. And it’s an idea that’s been around for nearly ten years and never capitalized on … until now.

It’s called the Ergonomic Dual Screen Split Keyboard Notebook Portable Personal Computer and the sweetness isn’t only the fact that the keyboard splits open to give a computer user more room to fit their hands, but that it has a second LCD hidden underneath it. What a fantastic idea.
The second screen works in concert with the first screen – giving the user a “drag and send” capability for open windows or programs, or act independently as a pen-based input screen for note taking, sketching, and just about anything else a user can do to write into the interface. This makes the EDSSKN of tremendous benefit to not only writers and word processors, but artists and designers as well.

Or, users can use the space to place notes in more natural position to type from.

The laptop is scheduled to ship later this year from Electronic Keyboards. Or, you can buy the patents outright!

Hat Tip – Technabob

3 thoughts on “New laptop incorporates split keyboard”

  1. I aggree.
    If I could find a laptop with a split-keyboard that was angled like my desktop – I would buy it today.

    It does not have to move asside – I would carry around a laptop that was 16″ in wide (forget the number pad) or 19″ – if it meant I could have a keyboard that I could use.

    Also – if it is going to split – it should have a little storage bin for a wireless mouse.

  2. Everyone seems to be missing the obvious… The reason split keyboards are angled is because when typing on a standard size keyboard, your forearms lie at about a 60 degree angle, but the keys on the keyboard are straight. This forces your wrists to angle unnaturally to accomodate the position of the keys. The angled split keyboard changes the key position to accomodate the wrist position. However, with this new EDSSKN split keyboard, angling the keys is not necessary. To demonstrate, start with your arms and wrists in a normal typing position. Now, slowly move your arms out to the sides so your forearm is at a 90 degree angle from your body. Notice your wrists are now straight and in a natural position relative to your arms. This is why the EDSSKN is not angled – it doesn’t need to be. By placing the split keys farther apart, the position of your arms removes the need for angled keys. I think the EDSSKN got it right.

  3. The reason why this would work as an “ergonomic” design is because the keys are spread apart. What makes a straight keyboard hard on the hands and wrists is that you have to squish your arms in to the middle. With them spread to the sides your hands sit comfortably without strain. It is a good design. I just wish it could be used with a regular laptop so you don’t have to buy their laptop to get it. I could care less about the middle screen.

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