New laptop cases from Soyntec can detect open wireless signals

Wifi Bag

There’s nothing worse when you’re on the road and you’re in desperate need of WiFi access. Those are always the times where you can’t ever seem to find an open network. Sure, you can keep breaking out your laptop to check for one, or even get one of those little WiFi detection gadgets and walk around looking like a true nerd, but neither of those options is very appealing. With a Soyntec Wiffinder bag you’ll never have to worry about it again.

These bags look like your average laptop cases, and they come in a variety of styles like backpacks, shoulder strap bags and rolling suitcases. The difference is the little display that lets you know if an open connection is nearby, and how strong the signal is. Prices range from around $60 on up to $100 depending on the style you choose. I’ve been looking for a new bag anyway, I might just have to consider one of these.

Source: GeekAlerts

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