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New Kindle Rumors prove premature

Rumors have abounded that Amazon has been poised to release a new version of the Kindle. Amazon is reported squelching such rumors by saying a new version wifi enabled e-book reader are unfounded.

The rumor going around was that Amazon was planning a stripped down, cheaper version aimed at the student market. The idea being that with more universities opting for PDF copies instead of expensive books for students, that an eBook reader would be a hot item as students get ready to return to school. But in an interview with the Gray Old Lady, Amazon’s Craig Berman squashed that rumor saying that the earliest a new version of the Kindle could come out would be sometime in 2009.

“Don’t believe everything you read,” said Berman, “there’s a lot of rumor and speculation out there about Kindle. One thing I can tell you for sure is that there will be no new version of Kindle this year. A new version will come out sometime next year at the earliest.”

Berman wouldn’t confirm that a new Kindle would be aimed at the student market, but it seems that if it were, then the timing would be for a new Kindle to be released in time for parents and students shopping for new school supplies in preparation for school, not afterwards when the demand would be noticeably lighter.

Hat Tip – Digital Trends