New Geo Tagger makes picture taking a lot easier

Photo Finder

A few months ago, we highlighted the coolness that is the Gisteq Photo Trackr, a pocket pocket sized GPSs device that allowed photographers to geo tag their pictures and plot them on any google map or flickr mashup. And although this device is awesome for hard core shutterbugs travelling the world on $40 dollars a day, users still had to synch the pictures up with software on a PC. The next step is here with the ATP Electronics GPS Photo Finder that bypasses all that.

A one stop shop for geo tagging, the Photo Finder is still pocket sized, but has software built on board to automatically synch and write GPS location data into saved photo files directly. No lugging around the laptop, not third party software. Just plug and play, baby. And although the Photo Finder only supports JPEG files through it’s built in SD card slot, there is a USB port to connect a card reader so serious Digital SLR users can write onto their compact flash cards.

Future editions will write to a KML route file so that travelers can not only plot their photos, but can track their vacation through Google Earth. How cool is that?

Cost is around $100 and will be out by the end of the month.

Source: CNet News

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