New Averatec N2700 netbook


TriGem USA has just made available yet another player in the already crowded notebook market – the Averatec N2700. This new mobile computing device will not skimp when it comes to features, and TriGem USA has made an extremely attractive offer for it which we’ll look at in closer detail at the end of the post. For the moment, let’s take a look at what the Averatec N2700 has to offer, shall we? For starters, this model will feature an Intel dual-core processor running at 2GHz, a 250GB hard drive and an 8x super multi DVD optical drive, all running on Microsoft Vista Home Premium.

According to Henry Hewitt, vice president of sales at TriGem USA, “The N2700 notebook is an ideal solution for consumers looking for the sweet spot in terms of price, portability and performance. It’s larger and more powerful than a typical netbook computer and offers great portability over notebooks sporting 13-inch screens and larger.” We certainly cannot deny that, since it is much beefier compared to a standard netbook, and yet it won’t break the bank with the relatively affordable $699 price point, where we’ve seen some higher end netbooks in the past retailing for approximately that price and yet lack the processing muscle to boot up Internet Explorer 8 in a fast and seamless manner. There is one drawback that the Averatec N2700 (and any other standard notebook for that matter) is unable to compete in – the size of the netbook will always win out, at least for the moment.

Other features of the N2700 includes a whopping 4GB RAM, integrated 802.11b/g wireless connectivity along with 10/100/1000 Mb/s wired networking. You will also benefit from a trio of USB 2.0 ports, while a FireWire port is there for folks to transfer their large multimedia files from devices such as camcorders over at a much faster rate compared to USB 2.0. Don’t expect this to be a head turner though, but we do think it offers a whole lot of bang for your buck.

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