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Never-Ending Congratulations Card keeps on going…

never-ending-congratsThere is always a good time to give a greeting card, never mind that at one point in the past, electronic greeting cards were all the rage. Having said that, not many people bother to pick up a pen and send over a thoughtful message to their family member or friend. Perhaps you might want to change your mind in the future when a congratulatory message is in order, with the £10.99 Never-Ending Congratulations Card.

The name itself is a giveaway, where the Never-Ending Congratulations Card will continue “congratulating” your intended recipient through the form of playing music over and over again in a loop, at least until the battery dies out – and we are talking about that happening three hours after the card is opened. And no, closing the card does not mean that the music will stop, unlike other music-playback cards in the market. Thankfully, there is a “Safe Mode” that allows you to sign and test the card first. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, opening the card would unleash a bunch of glitter along the way for that added bit of aplomb.