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Neutral Power Drill combines screwdriver, laser level, and stud finder in one

I am definitely in need of a new electronic screwdriver, as this old Wal-Mart one seems to have out-lasted its short life. If I waited long enough, perhaps this Neutral Power Drill designed by Tim Bennett will become a reality. Not only is it an electronic screwdriver, but it also includes a stud finder and a laser level. I believe that the laser level is found in the small black rectangle located just below the screwdriver bit. I have honestly never used a laser level before, so I wouldn’t know too much about that, which is the same as the stud finder. This screwdriver thing works by a slide back head. I would imagine that if you knew what you are doing, you can find the stud, set up a level place to put a screw, and then put it in. As you can probably tell from my last two paragraphs, I don’t really know what I am doing with a tool like this. Still, I wouldn’t mind having one of these things to make me a handier handyman. The inventor has entered this particular device in an iF Concept design contest, but who knows whether or not he will win. Even if he does, who knows if this will be manufactured by Black and Decker or some other tool company. Source ]]>