The Neuton CE 6 Lawn Mower with rechargeable battery

Lawn Mower with rechargeable battery

Although it would be great to have the robot solar powered mower that takes off and mows your lawn for you, plus the perk of it being eco-friendly.  However, it’s a bit on the expensive side, so it’s not something that most people can afford.  For those on a tighter budget, this battery-powered mower might be the better option.  It has the perk of being quiet due to being a cordless lawn mower, which means you don’t have the obnoxious extension cord to deal with.

If you want to have it even easier, there is really only one option, a fully robotic lawn mower. Once you have set up the boundaries it will literally do all the work for you. Cut the grass, empty its storage and go back to the dock when it needs to recharge or when it rains.

The Neutron CE 6 is one of the larger of their electric mowers and cuts a 19” path in your lawn.  The mower specifies that it is only ideal for those with a lawn up to 1/3 of an acre.  Which is about 15,000 sq ft.  Anything above that and you’ll have to recharge the battery to finish the job.  Although it does come with a spare battery, so even if it does run out, you can just switch batteries and continue the job.  To purchase the mower it will cost you $499.

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