Netgear’s WiFi Booster – The Help you Need

I hate the wireless signal at my house. I have all kinds of things running off my network and the connection is constantly being dropped. I really can’t think of too many things that are as frustrating. Worse, is when I’m wandering around the house playing with my phone, I’ve all but given up watching Netflix in the bathtub. I’m fairly certain my neighbors have heard me yelling. I am so ashamed.
Well, this is making it onto this years gift list, Netgear’s WiFi Booster for Mobile, specifically designed to keep your elusive connection intact, without incurring any unforeseen charges for using your carriers data plan, now you can watch horror movies in the bathtub all you like, or check out a how to video next time you attempt the perfect soufflé. Pairing with your home or office router, this little box will increase the network reach for all your precious mobile gadgets.
Netgear’s WiFi Booster for Mobile simply repeats a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal from your existing router and boosts your range and WiFi performance. This nifty little box is incredibly simple to install with a mobile browser friendly setup with LED indicators that help you decide where to put it, in order to obtain the best WiFi coverage. With it’s small wall-plug design and special Push ‘n’ Connect feature, the WiFi Booster for Mobile connects quickly and easily once it’s plugged into a power source and it provides an instant and secure connection to almost any existing WiFi network.
Netgear’s WiFi Booster for Mobile provides a quick and secure connection that works with your existing network and will be available this summer at most major retailers with prices starting at around 39.95. Please visit for more information and store availability.