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Nest Thermostat – It Sees You when you’re Sleeping

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It doesn’t matter what season it is, I am either too hot or too cold. I don’t know what causes it but for some reason 72 degrees feels just right in the winter time, but come summer, its too darn hot. Of course the only reason we don’t just set the thermostat to whatever feels good at the moment is because its just so darn expensive, plus you need a full time person in charge of setting and changing the darn thing, so I am constantly in a t-shirt with a sweater at the ready.
Well, a new gadget, called The Nest is hoping to change all that for you. The Nest has a simple enough dial that allows you to select a comfortable temperature, but thats about the only thing traditional about it, because after around 7 days The Nest starts tuning your homes temperature all by itself. Its sensors know if you are up and about, if you are not it switches to night or away mode.
The Nest boasts incredibly simple installation, and after giving your Nest a name, it asks you a few setup questions such as preferred minimum and maximum temps, and your zip code. After the initial setup, that’s when your Nest learns how you live. Its easy to teach your Nest what you like by simply turning the dial up or down for different parts of the day. The better you teach your Nest, the better he will perform on his own.
Eventually the Nest will make a heating and cooling schedule for your home, and even displays a special “leaf” designation when you are actually saving energy. For unexpected changes there’s an associated app, and computer connectivity that allows you to change the temps from wherever you are. Perfect. The Nest runs about 250 bucks and professional installation is available. To check system compatibility or to buy one, visit


1 thought on “Nest Thermostat – It Sees You when you’re Sleeping”

  1. I installed the it 3 months ago and so far I am saving around $180 so far in 3 months. Nest is so awesome. I just bough another one for my upstairs.

    It’s looks great like a work of art on my wall. When was the last time you say that about your thermostat? Controlling it with my phone is just awesome. One night I set it to high, 3:00 in the morning, I reached over to my phone in bed and turn the AC on. How cool is that? We were on vacation in Italy, I had total control of my AC, with my phone.

    Saved $180 in 3 months is cool enough reason to write this long review.

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