Nescafe reveals alarm clock that comes on top of a coffee jar

nescafe-alarm-clockI am quite sure that many of us who drink coffee (tea lovers might probably want to read on and turn green like your favorite blend of matcha at the end of this story) would have had our favorite blends in mind, and for some of us, there is nothing quite like instant coffee during certain moments, such as when you are traveling and need a quick fix. All that is required would be some hot water, a ceramic mug and you’re good to go – cubes of sugar and some milk on the side would make things perfect. Nescafe is one of those brand names that definitely have churned out its fair share of quality instant coffee in the past, and this time around, they have gone on a limb to develop a limited-edition 3D-printed lid with an alarm clock which can only be turned off through the most novel of methods – by opening the coffee jar, of course!

Talk about bringing to life the literal phrase of “wake up and smell the coffee”. This particular alarm clock cum coffee jar was developed in an effort by Nescafe to upgrade its image. Turning to the wonders of 3D printing, there will be just 200 of such unique coffee jars that will be sold worldwide, where it boasts of a snazzy, new 3D-printed lid that has a built-in alarm clock, now how about that?

This unique idea was created by NotLabs, which so happens to be the creative division of NotCot, alongside Publicis Mexico. The special lid on top has been 3D printed inside and out, where the outside sports a couple of designs by Shapeways, while the inside was done by NotLabs on its Makerbot printers, with the entire shebang running not on the aroma of coffee, but on Arduino.

There is an OLED screen and a joystick on the underside of the lid for you to program the alarm, and it will use one of seven gentle sounds to wake you up. To stop the alarm, you are required to twist the lid off the coffee jar, no two ways about it.

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