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NES Controller Vaporizer gives new purpose to old gaming accessories

LittUP Ecig Mods
The ingenuity of humankind is so astounding. We can make beautiful things out of what would otherwise be viewed as trash, and even after thousands upon thousands of years, we’re still coming up with brand-new ideas. If you’re a fan of video games, and also enjoy puffing a bit of smoke out of your face, then you might like what two fellows in Indiana came up with.

Their business is called Litt Up Custom Ecigs, and they have taken all sorts of video game controllers that don’t see much use any more, and turned them into vaporizers. While they have posted a huge variety of makes and models on their Facebook page, the only one up for grabs at the moment (actually it’s out of stock, but it’s the only one listed in their online store) is a modified NES Controller. The connection is on the right end of the controller, which is fired by the B button.

The wattage ranges from 7-20, and is adjustable up and down through the D-pad up and down buttons. Where there was once start and select buttons, there is now an OLED display which shows “a battery charge graph, in the middle the ohms of your coil are displayed, with the voltage the device is firing at under the ohms. On the right your targeted wattage is displayed”. The battery is a 1000mAh which charges via micro USB. These will cost you $145, but as they are big on modding, they can and will mod your controller rather than a random one if you’d like. They also had talk of a Gamcube Hookah for those of you that are interested.

Available for purchase on LittUpCustomMods, found via Kotaku