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NES Controller Coffee Table

NES Controller Coffee Table

As you know, Coolest Gadgets has several categories for its subject matter. Even though I flagged this article under “DIY Gadgets” and “Gaming Gadgets”, I should have categorized it as “I just couldn’t resist reporting on this”.

I’m sure you can see why from the photo. For young inventor Kyle Downes (not the person in the photo) has actually perfected shrink-ray technology, and has reversed the process to create a giant NES controller.

Just kidding. Mr. Downes may be smart, but he’s not that smart. He has fashioned a cool coffee table that is shaped like an old-school NES controller. I’m sure we would all have to agree that the boy’s got skills.

Not only does the coffee table look like an NES, you can play it like an NES. That’s right, feel free to plug in Super Mario Brothers or Battletoads and have a big-button frenzy.

Downes hasn’t exactly mass-manufactured his creation for consumer purchases, but he has left instructions on his blog if you want to try your hand at building an NES Coffee Table yourself.

Perhaps the next step is creating a coffee table that is shaped like a giant Wiimote. However, if you wanted to use that for your games, then you’re going to have to find another place to set your drinks.