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Nervana will stimulate your pleasure center through your favorite music


We use music to help shape our moods. Happy pop when we’re feeling good, the blues when we’re feeling sad, and trance when we want to lose ourselves in the moment. Our tunes help us deal with loss, power through a workout, write papers, and much more. Imagine if music could affect you in an even bigger way, but always leave you with a smile on your face.

It might sound like a drug-induced state, and for all intents and purposes, it is! The Nervana isn’t something you take though, as this is a music system that will make every music-listening experience into one that will directly affect your pleasure center, releasing feel-good chemicals synchronized to your music. This is a combination of science and technology that will put your nerve stimulation in sync with any sounds you’re hearing, sending electrical waves through the ear canal to affect your Vegas nerve.

Not only can you listen to your favorite music with this, but you can also use it during a concert or anywhere else that music is playing. If you have had the WORST day ever to the point where any sound is going to give you a headache, there’s also a formula mode that will give you stimulation signal patterns without having to listen to music. You can choose your sensitivity from 2-25 through a dial on the device, and the ear buds are made in-house by the company. One of these devices will cost you $289, but seeing that it will give you instant access to happiness, it’s not a bad investment.

Available for purchase on indiegogo