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The Nerf Combat Creature Terradrone – baby destroyer droids for your kids!

Nerf Terradrone

Do you ever wish your kids were combat ready so they can take down an evil government at the drop of a hat? Hopefully that is never the case, but kids do love to shoot the crap out of each other with Nerf guns, and I don’t blame them because it’s fun! While we’ve come a long way in the development of foam weaponry, do you ever get worried that we might be going too far?

 Thankfully the answer to that is a resounding no, which is why the Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone exists. This is a remote controlled drone that looks like a baby destroyer droid, but is thankfully far less deadly. It can fire up to 12 darts from 45 feet away at a speed that is likely not strong enough to cause any real damage. The head can rotate a full 360 degrees, and it has an adjustable blast angle.

This is going to make it feel like the robot overlords really are on their way, as these can handle just about any type of terrain without issue. You’ll need 6 AA batteries to get the drone and remote control to work and it is recommended for kids 8 and up, though no one is going to judge if you get it for yourself. This will cost you $161.95, so your kids will hopefully keep the phase of wanting to shoot everything for a while to get a good deal of use out of this. You can move them up to more dangerous weaponry when they’re older.

Available for purchase on Amazon