Neptune Reclining Bath Lift

The Neptune Reclining Bath Lift will bring a smile to your face whenever you come home from the office, all frazzled out with the day’s work.

This portable bath lift lowers you securely into the tub, allowing you to remain upright with its firm back support or recline gently and gradually into a comfortable, relaxing, laid-back (in both senses of the word) position. It also provides more legroom than other reclining bath lifts, even for shorter tubs or with taller users. This lift is fully adaptable to individual bathing needs. It provides more legroom than other reclining bath lifts, even in shorter tubs or for taller users. It’s uniquely designed, with an open-base frame that won’t trap dirty water. It allows easy access to all parts for cleaning. The sucker-release handle eliminates any struggling to detach those ordinarily very determined suction feet from the bottom of your tub. The suction pads are also adjustable up and back to allow for a better fit in most tubs.

Well, what better way to reward yourself after a day of backbreaking work at the office? You will need to make sure there is at least $1,049 in your bank account before you bring this puppy home though.