NEOs Concept Vehicle

This is the NEOS concept vehicle, which is some sort of motorbike combined with a car. It can take two people at once, and runs on electricity.

As you can see, the front tires are completely without spokes, and there is a lot of advanced tech going on here like a touchscreen display, GPS, sideview cameras, and docks to connect to the cellphone as well.

It seems to be made for safety with a side airbag for the driver, airbag for the person sitting in the sidecar, and even padding for the knees and elbow.

I notice that it looks very thin in the middle. Perhaps it is designed for one of those highways of the future where we all travel on cars that only hold two people at most. I have seen highways of the future with this design often, and most people go to work with less than two people in the vehicle anyway.

Now this is just a concept model for now, and I don’t see it being put into production anytime soon. I could see myself driving around on one of these things in the future, but it’s probably going to stay in concept mode for now.