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Neonode announces new AirBar sensor

neonode-airbarThe folks over at Neonode intend to usher in Christmas a little bit earlier than expected with this bit of news – the announcement of their spanking new AirBar sensor that will feature zForce AIR technology. The AirBar sensor happens to be a device which would enable touch functionality on new or existing non-touch PCs, as long as those machines are powered by the Windows or Chrome OS operating system. Just in case you are heading to CES 2016 next January, you will be able to check out demonstrations of the NeoNode AirBar there. Let us take a closer look at what the AirBar delivers in the extended post, shall we?

The AirBar comes across as a slim module which will be magnetically attached at the bottom of a PC’s display. When it is attached and plugged into the USB port, the sensor will then be powered and subsequently, activated, before it begins to emit invisible light to detect the user’s touch and gestures. PC users are then able to interact with their devices with familiar touch actions such as swiping, pinching, zooming and scrolling. The AirBar itself can be used as a portable solution to see action at home, in the office, at school or when traveling and can be used with fingers, gloves, long fingernails and even paintbrushes.

Basically, a non-touch PC would require just seconds to be transformed into a touch interactive device with the AirBar, as the sensor does not require installation of new drivers or lengthy instructions at all. It is basically Plug and Touch, and ensures that your high quality matte display remains glare free and without greasy fingerprints.

Sounds like a decent idea, although it is not the first peripheral that transforms a laptop into one with a touchscreen display, such as the Touch Screen Camera. Right now, the 15.6” version of the NeoNode AirBar will be retailing for $49 a pop, which would certainly make it worth checking out if you are so used to the kind of touch interface that many of us interact with every single day.

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