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Neo M1 smartpen is going to change the way you write

neo-m1-smartpenWe have plenty of smart devices in the market today, ranging from smart watches to smart cars, smart homes, and of course, the tool that nobody is able to live without in urban areas: smartphones. Well, what about the office market? Is there a need for a productivity tool that embraces technology to make it “smart”? Enter NeoLAB Convergence’s Neo smartpen M1 that looks and feels like a traditional pen, but it does a whole lot more than what a regular pen is able to do. Measuring a mere 10.4mm in thickness, it is far slimmer compared to the other smart pen counterparts that are on the market.

The Neo smartpen M1 will be able to seamlessly digitize all of your handwritten notes onto your smart devices. Among the compatible devices include the likes of smartphones, tablets and the PC. Here is the perfect opportunity for you to record your note-taking process, edit and share your notes while you are on the go. The accompanying application known as Neo Notes will be compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices, allowing users to organize, record, edit, share, backup to Google Drive. Not only that, they are able to automatically upload their content to a wide range of cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Evernote and Adobe CC in order to further enhance creative ideas.

Specially designed to be an ideal alternative to current products that are in the smart pen category which are either bulky or require separate receivers, NeoLAB Convergence has worked hard to reduce the pen’s thickness. This makes it the slimmest model from the company to date, while looking vibrant and feeling extremely comfortable in the user’s hand. Key features of this smartpen is the ability to perform in-app editing (highlight text, delete or select content), sharing paper, recording and playing back audio by having it synchronized to pen strokes, exporting drawings in a scalable image format like SVG, PNG or JPG, and automatic saving of notes to Evernote, Google Drive or Adobe CC. Heck, it is even able to convert notes into digital text in 15 languages, now how about that!

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