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The Nenrin Mini Healing Speaker will improve your health, but deplete your wallet

Nenrin Wood speaker

Some sound can be therapeutic for us, while others can drive us insane. For example, would you rather listen to a dripping faucet or a cat purring? Music is what we choose to listen to most often, and there are a myriad of options for headphones and speaker systems that will provide you with sound at varying qualities. If you are quite the audiophile, then you can differentiate subtle nuances in the caliber of various speakers and headsets. Using different materials such as wood, plastic, and glass will yield very different properties.

If you want to be extremely specific, then even the type of wood can come into play. The Nenrin Mini Healing Speaker is made of Kyoto Kitayama cedar that can only be harvested after 30 years of growth. It seems a bit far-fetched to say that sounds coming through this timber would heal you in some way, but who am I to argue the properties of a wood-based speaker?

This is Bluetooth-enabled, and puts out 15W. There is a Jinshibo or Deshibo option available, one being a treated and the other being natural wood. Even with the understanding that this is a very particular item with healing properties, and takes 30 years of growing to harvest, its $1,500+ price tag seems a bit over-the-top. That kind of money would be better spent on several spa days and healthy food.

Available for purchase on Japan-Trend-Shop