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The Nemureru Mori Toe Separator Socks give your digits a rest


When you take on a professional position in the work world, there’s usually a certain sort of uniform you wear to look the part. This means nice clothes, shoes, and accessories. For the most part, the outfit isn’t the worst to wear, but the shoes take a serious toll on your feet. The construction of these shoes usually bunch your toes together in the front, making you willfully deform your feet.

 If you don’t want to deal with as severe hammertoe and malformation of your toes as you age, it might be worth it to get these Nemureru Mori Toe Separator Socks. These are ankle socks that have little cushions to go in between your toes which are supposed to be worn while you sleep. They are essentially toe socks, but don’t completely cover your toes to make sure they have plenty of space to stretch out. You’re supposed to wear these to bed so that your foot digits have a chance to realign themselves before being crammed into an uncomfortable shoe for another full day.

Made of polyester, acrylic, and polyurethane, these are likely a little more apt to being washed regularly than the longer cotton version we looked at before. These only come in pink and purple, fitting US women’s size 6-8.5, making those of us with bigger feet look into other options. The price on these is set at $23, which you could likely view as a medical expense as not taking the precautions now might mean resetting surgery in the future.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop