Nemo digital magnifier

Nemo digital magnifier
Lucky for me, my eyesight isn’t half bad with my ridiculously large-lensed glasses or contacts. For other people, it’s pretty hard to read a newspaper, book, or pill bottle, and in the real extreme cases, those people would need something like the Nemo digital magnifier.

The Nemo is designed to be compact enough so that you can take it with you wherever you go, mainly because you encounter small text at places like the grocery store and mall as well as your house.

Nemo has a few special features that make it a little more useful, one of them being the freeze frame feature which, like a camera, lets a person freeze the magnifier on one spot so that they can focus solely on something especially difficult to read. Besides that, you have your basic magnification (4.5 to 9x) that appears on the beautiful 4″ LCD antiglare screen. When viewing the magnifier, you can pick one of six modes: color, black and white, positive, negative, or in a variety of colored backgrounds. It’s designed to help you see no matter the subject matter.

I think that Nemo is a great idea and with a few of its innovative features, it can be a really useful device for people that have trouble seeing. The only problem is the incredibly expensive price tag: $900. That just seems to be too much.

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