Need To Know The Time Down To A Millionth Of A Second?

Much like Pi, the measurement of time stretches into the reaches of infinity. It’s actually pretty mind boggling if you think about it too long. Most clocks worry solely about the hours, minutes and seconds. If you’re lucky you have a stop-watch that reaches into the fractal confines of the second, maybe providing the tenth and hundredth of a second measurement.

The Digital Time concept by Freddie Yauner goes much, much further than that. Time changes so fast at the atomic level that many of us couldn’t even follow the changing of the numeral representation of time. The Digital Time measures the atomic time down to the millionth of a second!

Displaying up to 12 digits at once, The Digital Time is about as accurate of a time piece as you’re going to get. Other than acting as a cool design piece or a measurement for horse races, we don’t see what practical use The Digital Time provides. But we must admit, it looks pretty cool.

As of now The Digital Time is strictly a conceptual prototype piece. But who knows? Maybe as time goes on (no pun intended) we’ll feel the need to be more, MUCH more accurate with our time-keeping. Though I just can’t imagine someone saying “Hey man, what are you doing at 11:46:05.937467 on Friday?”

Design Page via Yanko

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