NEATGEAR’s Genie app – Printing, No Strings Attached

I use my iPad a lot. I do find that not being able to print from it easily is a bit of a pain. Same thing with my Macbook, I keep finding myself unplugging the printer from my desktop and plugging it into my laptop.. again, just not as convenient as I would like. I wondered to myself, should I just invest in one of those AirPrint printers… but my printer is still perfectly fine. What’s a girl to do?

Well, lucky for us, NETGEAR just announced the release of their new Genie App upgrade that enables printing from an Apple, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to any networked or USB printer. With this nifty NETGEAR Genie App upgrade, iOS device users are no longer restricted to AirPrint-compatible printers. The NETGEAR Genie App upgrade dramatically overcomes previous AirPrint compatibility limitations to give users the freedom to print to any USB or networked printer. Yipee! 

The NETGEAR Genie, is available for PCs and MACs and provides what they like to call a “home network dashboard” that enables folks to monitor, connect, and control their home networks and also to diagnose and automatically fix network connectivity issues.

With this awesome upgrade the NETGEAR Genie App also renders any printer AirPrint-compatible, whether connected wirelessly to the home network, USB-connected to a PC, or connected through a USB port to a NETGEAR ReadySHARE print-capable router. While a PC or a Mac is on, the NETGEAR Genie App enables printing from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices on the same network.

The Windows OS and Mac OS NETGEAR Genie App upgrade is now available for download for free at  NETGEAR Genie is also available to download for iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones and tablets from the Apple store.

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