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NComputing introduces the new Chromebook CX110

ncomputing-chromebookWhen it comes to education, there are many different and creative methods out there from which one is able to utilize in order to make sure that the message gets across to the children and young minds out there. While the chalk and blackboard continues to be the staple in many countries, especially the less developed ones, developed countries have already looked into the possibility of carrying notebooks into the classrooms, although Chromebooks are more often than not the answer. NComputing has stepped up to the task with the spanking new Chromebook CX110 and Chrome app, offering managed Windows desktops on Chromebooks.

In other words, millions of U.S. students will be able to gain easy access to the Windows platform all from the comfort of their Chromebooks. The launch of the Chromebook CX110 and Chrome app would mean that over half of all computers used in U.S. K-12 schools who switch to NComputing’s solution will be able to make use of the vSpace client, which offers easy, multi-user access to the Windows, Java or Silverlight applications that tend to be necessary for learning and testing applications.

vSpace software will be able to benefit schools as it delivers a centrally managed, reliable and scalable solution which offers as many as one hundred individual Windows desktops from a solitary computer. This in turn results in a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution for schools who can now use a single Chromebook device in order to access all their ChromeOS and Windows applications.

Some of the key features of the NComputing Chromebook CX110 with vSpace include a premium 11.6″ IPS LCD panel that offers the best Chromebook viewing experience possible for students in the classroom, which means kissing goodbye to strained eyes that try to read washed out displays or differentiate colors and features on an inferior display, and taking less than 10 seconds to go from off to full-speed would mean students can be productive far faster. WIll we see more Chromebook CX110’s in schools from now on? Only time will tell.

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