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Naztech announces 18W Super Speed Wall Charger

naztech-18w-speed-chargerThe number of mobile devices that we own in this day and age are numerous, and many of us tend to follow the yearly upgrade cycle when it comes to smartphones. In fact, each year when February rolls around, many people are excited to see just what kind of new stuff Samsung includes in their latest flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress, while during other times of the year, there will be Apple making an announcement of a new iPhone model at the very least, with LG preferring to sandwich their reveal of a G series device between the two. The smartphone being a very essential tool in modern day life, is useful, although there is one major drawback: it runs out of juice pretty quickly, too. This calls for a fast charger, and Naztech figured out it might be better for them to roll out the 18W Super Speed Wall Charger for such purposes.

This is a multi-device power solution that delivers the latest high-speed charging technology, where it comprises of both USB-C power delivery as well as Adaptive Fast Charging, all rolled into a single charger. It has been specially engineered with a unique PD chipset that is able to support up to 18 watts of high voltage charging power, guaranteeing not only the fastest, but also the most efficient charging experience possible.

With two ports available in the 18W Super Speed Wall Charger, it is capable of delivering up to 18W output and is able to accommodate all manner of USB-powered devices, apart from smartphones, there will be tablets, wearables and even USB-C laptops like the 12″ MacBook. Just how quickly is it able to charge an iPhone X/8 or Samsung Galaxy 9/9+ from 0% to 50%? We are talking about a mere 30 minutes.

Wth its IntelliQ smart chip technology embedded within and compatibility with international voltage, you can bring it with you just about anywhere on your travels. There are also OmniProtect safety features that regulate power output to protect devices, while folding prongs make it a snap for traveling. The 18W Super Speed Wall Charger can be yours today for $49.99 with a limited lifetime warranty, adding even more value for your money.

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