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Naztech 45W USB-C PD Super Speed Wall Charger

naztech-pd45wWant to get your smartphone or other portable device powered up as quickly as possible, since you are always on the move? While some of us find it indispensable to make use of a powerbank wherever we are, others would prefer a charger that is not only safe and reliable, but is also able to power up a device as quickly as possible whenever it is plugged in. Naztech is famous for its cutting-edge power solutions, and the company has just announced the release of its 45W USB-C PD Super Speed Wall Charger.

The 45W USB-C PD Super Speed Wall Charger is solely about performance, as it brings together high efficiency as well as fast charging capability, all stashed into a compact powerhouse form factor. This particular Super Speed Charger will boast of a trio of output voltage levels, namely 5, 9 and 15V, alongside output current of up to 3A. In other words, you will be able to enjoy an output power of up to 45 watts, making it more than capable of fast charging smartphones, tablets, wearables, and even USB-C type laptops. All of that through the latest USB technology, which is pretty neat, really.

The USB PD, otherwise known as USB Power Delivery, is a protocol that has been specially designed in order to have it standardize charging across the latest USB electronics as well as future ones, too. It does not matter whether one is looking to juice up a smartphone, a tablet, or even a high-powered laptop, this particular Super Speed Charger is able to do it all. Fancy that, where you no longer need to tote around an assortment of cables and chargers each time you travel. You can also be up and running as soon as possible thanks to its ability to charge a smartphone up to 80% faster compared to regular USB chargers, where it is also able to automatically adjust itself to deliver the exact power needed for the fastest possible charge.

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