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Nautiz X6 can take in plenty of punishment

Do you feel that modern day smartphones, despite containing a slew of bells and whistles, tend to be a little bit on the soft side? Most of the time we hear about smartphone displays cracking because of an accidental knock or drop. What if there was a rugged version of a smartphone or phablet in the market that is capable of delivering close to the mid-range to high end handset, while being able to take in a whole lot of punishment? The answer to that question comes in the form of the Nautiz X6.

 The Nautiz X6 can be classified as an ultra-rugged phablet that delivers the wonders of big screen functionality with the performance level of a rugged handset. While the ordinary power user or office executive might find the Nautiz X6 to be overkill, those who are often involved in industrial and field applications would think otherwise due to its reliability in performing while being in a challenging situation. Sporting the MaxGo Android software suite, the Nautiz X6 will feature an IP67 rating with decent hardware specifications that are crammed into a lightweight, ultra-mobile design/

Underneath the hood, the Nautiz X6 will boast of an 8-core processor with the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system running. There is also 4G/LTE connectivity that will help you enjoy the fastest possible download speeds wherever you are. Selfie lovers will find the 5MP front-facing camera perform its tasks just fine, with a 13MP shooter located at the back. The display works well under sunlight, with the 6-inch capacitive multi-touch display augmented with super-hardened Gorilla Glass.

The Nautiz X6 carries IP67 ruggedness rating for waterproof, dust-tight performance, in addition to a broad operating-temperature range that makes it function in a range of industries. It has also been MIL-STD-810G tested for drops, vibrations, humidity, extreme temperatures as well as varying altitudes, with the 8,000mAh battery keeping it running longer than you would expect with regular smartphones.

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