Naturmobil Car requires horsepower….literally


I can’t decide if this horse powered car is moving forward with the times or taking them back to a time before cars.  Yes, you’re in a car and it has wheels, but it’s powered by a literal horse.   Which is not much better than planting yourself in a horsedrawn carriage.  Admittedly this is actually faster than a buggy would be though.  A buggy goes about 5-10 mph, whereas this car concept can go up to 28 mph.  Either way, you’re not exactly going to be flying down the highway.

The biggest down side of this eco-friendly car is that there isn’t a divider between the horse and you.  Which means you get to live with the smell of a horse the entire time you’re driving.  To power the car there is a treadmill where the horse jogs.  The creator Hadi Mirhejazi has taken into consideration the horse’s comfort and done his best to use technology to the horse’s benefit.  The designer is hoping to take a trip around the world to show off the vehicle.  He is also willing to give away the prototype, the patent and $100,000 to anyone who can explain to him why he invented the vehicle.

Source: Inhabitat

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