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NatureZap uses light to kills plants – oh the irony


If you paid any attention in school, you would know that photosynthesis is what keeps plants alive and kicking. They use the energy from sunlight and turn it into chemical energy, fueling their plant functions. Of course it’s not just sunlight, as during this process plants use water and carbon dioxide as well to create their food and release oxygen into the air.

When you don’t want a plant to continue living because it’s a weed and you want to have a perfectly tended lawn, then you will need something strong to rid yourself of them. The NatureZap DE will not only get rid of the weed, but will destroy it at the source. This uses a blended spectrum of light that will kill roots, root crowns, and leaves before they start to grow into something more solid. This is super simple to use as you only need to plug in, zap, and call it a day.

The long handle on this will also help you to keep from bending over time and time again, waking up with a sore back the next day. There’s also the added benefit of not having to use such harmful chemicals that will decimate more than just your weeds. This is a $199 purchase, and while it is rechargeable, you’ll only get around 30-40 minutes of working time to play with. It’s also good to note that this is best used in spring, just as all these plants are beginning to take root as it is always better to take preventative measures than work against a fully grown plant.

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