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Natural Stone Massage Shoes – it always gets worse before it gets better

Natural Stones Massage SHoes

If you have trouble with tension in this age of anxiety that we live in, you have probably gotten a massage or two. If you haven’t, you need to learn to treat yourself. Whether you decide to go to a massage therapist on a bi-weekly basis or have methods at home to alleviate pain, you have to choose your treatment wisely unless you want to end up more stressed out. Getting a bad massage is like asking for an hour of torture.

For those who like seeking out their own relief, these Natural Stone Massage Shoes will be a painful, and then pleasant way to get your body back into balance. These were made with principles of reflexology and traditional Chinese medicine in mind. The earth stones were carefully selected in different regions of the world, and are meant to be worn for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

You wouldn’t think that focusing on one part of your body would affect so many other parts, but it makes sense as everything is connected, and reflexology hones in on the nervous system. According to Chinese medicine, there are over 60 reflex points that directly relate to other parts of your body. That being said, these shoes are intended to help with everything from blood flow to the flow of your chi. These will cost you $24.99, and come in sizes small, medium, and large. They will hurt when you first wear them, but as you get used to the pressure it could become integrated into your end of the day rest and relaxation routine.

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