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Native Union expands charging dock range with DOCK

native-union-dockWhen it comes to rolling out some rather unique accessories for mobile devices these days, Native Union has certainly done its bit in alleviating the standard of industrial design. Case in point would be the DOCK for Apple Watch, but now here we are with award-winning design studio Native Union introducing DOCK for smartphone and tablet as part of its ever growing charging dock range. The DOCK will be able to sit elegantly on your desk, nightstand, or any flat surface, as it boasts of a sleek and stable base that will let you juice up your mobile device. This is definitely a work of art no matter which angle you look at it front, as it is made from a striking slice of aircraft grade aluminum and weighted silicone base in order to offer support for your smartphone or tablet so that you can use it comfortably as it recharges.

DOCK has been paired with premium weighted silicone alongside precision cut aluminum to offer a sleek, stable and understated finish. Regardless of your furnishings or taste in decor, you can be sure that DOCK has the job down pat. DOCK provides the user with an optimal viewing angle when one charges it up, so that you can view messages, calls or emails at a glance. Not only that, this solid slice of aluminum will also arrive equipped with not one, but a pair of adaptors, so that you can securely connect your device whether it’s wearing a case or not.

The Native Union DOCK will arrive in a couple of flavors – DOCK Lightning (for iPhone and iPad) as well as DOCK Micro-USB (for Android or tablet), with the latter boasting of the NATIVE UNION Micro-USB braided BELT Cable, hence being more expensive at $64.99 a pop as opposed to $49.99 for iOS-powered hardware.

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