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Native Union delivers DOCK for Apple Watch

Nativeunion_ApplewatchdockSo you have already made up your mind to continue forging ahead with Apple products, and this means sticking to the Apple Watch despite the other hardware manufacturers like LG and Samsung coming up with their spiffy own ideas on what a smartwatch should be. Native Union sees a potentially big market for this segment, which is why they have come up with the DOCK for Apple Watch. DOCK for Apple Watch has been specially designed for Nightstand Mode, which is a new watch function that has been announced by Apple recently under the watchOS 2 software update. DOCK for Apple Watch has the ability to be used horizontally, in addition to vertically, where it transforms your watch into the perfect bedside alarm clock.

Whenever your Apple Watch is connected to DOCK in its horizontal orientation, the device will automatically enter Nightstand Mode. Such a sleek and minimalist design of DOCK, merging with its rotating arm, would then provide you with easy access to illuminate the watch screen, not to mention operate the side and Digital Crown buttons so that you can turn off or snooze your alarm.

What’s more, DOCK for Apple Watch will deliver a secure base to juice up your watch at the end of a particularly long day, whether buckled or unbuckled, as it keeps the timepiece in place through the wonders of magnets. The weighted silicon structure of the charging dock ensures that it remains sturdy, while its rotating aluminum arm would let you smoothly and firmly control the angle of your watch for optimal viewing. The design is also reversible, so that one can position the arm on whichever side is most convenient.

The entire shebang is also constructed in a way where there are just a couple of components, with the charger being precision engineered sans screws, and it magnetically slots together. The Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable will be fed into the dock where it is locked in place, hence doing away with the frustration of fumbling around on the floor as you look for your charger at night. It will be available in Graphite with an Aircraft Grade Aluminum arm, shipping at the end of this month for $59.99 a pop.

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