NASA Papercraft

NASA has an awesome section on their website made for “kids”. I’d like to think that what they meant to say is “kids at heart”, just so I can justify why I love it so damn much. They have some really cool goodies and even some awesome modeling work for us gadgeteers.

When I came across these papercraft models of NASA spacecraft, I thought to myself “Where the heck have I been living, and why haven’t I given this a go yet?” These free papercraft models can be downloaded in PDF form and printed out right from home. The images on the NASA site lead us to believe that these models are actually pretty accurate.

NASA even has a pretty decent collection of papercrafts available. You can build your own Pioneer 10, Mars Express, Cassini, and even more classic space vehicles and robots. When you’re done building your space models, you can launch your own personal papercraft aerospace organization.

I don’t care how childish NASA thinks these papercrafts are. I might not be an astronaut, but I sure love building my own model creations. If you want to give these papercrafts a go, just head over to the NASA Kids page and print them out for yourself.

Source via I.Z. Reloaded