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The Narrative Clip – Your Brand New Photographic Memory


You’ve seen it in every movie, every TV show, that dramatizes loss. A fire guts a house, and while there’s real pain in the destruction and damage, the real loss, is in the memories. Photographs, and recordings of a life well lived. It’s human nature to want to preserve the past, to share it with others, to relive our lives as we grow and change. How about a way to really chronicle our lives, for ourselves, for our families?

 Check out The Narrative Clip, a tiny, fully automatic camera, with an associated app that can provide you with a cloud based diary of your life, that you can search through, and share, with your friends, family, and social networks. The Narrative Clip is a matchbox sized, 5 megapixel camera that you simply clip on your clothes, and it will proceed to take 2 pictures every minute that it’s active.

The Narrative Clip comes with a storage capacity of up to 4000 pictures and the rechargeable battery will last up to 2 days, allowing you plenty of opportunity to capture all the special moments of a vacation, sporting event, or just the simple moments of your everyday life, the precious seconds that would have likely gone unnoticed. Picture transfer is quick and easy, simply plug into your computer, and upload to the cloud.

So if keeping memories is important to you, why not check out the worlds smallest wearable camera? The Narrative Clip is available for both iOS and Android, comes in white, orange and gray, for right around 279 bucks. Visit for videos and more information.