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NapAnywhere Pillow drops Kickstarter status

nap-anywhere-pillowGetting adequate amounts of rest is important, regardless of whether you are an adult or are still a growing teenager. However, in today’s fast paced world, we tend to get as little sleep as possible Рsimply because we would want to do as much as we can while our eyelids are not all that heavy. Well, this has led to the phenomenon in urban areas, especially when one takes the morning commute, to master the art of sleeping on the train or bus. Doing so is not too kind on your neck in the long run, which is where the $59.00 NapAnywhere Pillow comes in handy.

What used to be a Kickstarter project is no more, as the NapAnywhere Pillow has become reality, ensuring that it does its part to condemn neck discomfort to the past. This is a uniquely portable head support pillow that would function as an alternative to the traditional U-shaped pillows, where it makes comfortable traveling a snap thanks to its portable shape. Since it supports the weight of your head, the NapAnywhere Pillow would provide your neck with an opportunity to relax, perhaps even allowing one to sleep upright for hours.