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Nap Inducing Plush Giant Tortoise sends you to dreamland

nap-inducing-tortoiseDon’t laugh – children these days grow up in a very, very different world compared to what we grew up in all those years ago, and with the modern day culture and its inkling, expect them kids to suffer from stress as well, poor things. Well, if you think that your little ones are having trouble trying to fall asleep despite checking under their beds for the umpteenth time that there are no monsters at all there, perhaps it is time to explore other options. The $149.95 Nap Inducing Plush Giant Tortoise is a good example, where this giant plush tortoise is said to be able to create a tranquil sleeping environment for children thanks to the use of glowing light and soothing sounds.

This will be an Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, where you turn it on/off with a button embedded in the left foreleg, while there will be 11 LEDs that are integrated into the rim of the turtle’s plush shell which will slowly change from blue, green, red, and yellow, and this will help to calm children with a gentle array of color. Another button built into the other foreleg’s joint will be used to adjust the volume of a looped, subtle soundscape of nighttime wildlife, where among them include the intermittent hooting of an owl over a layer of chirping crickets and croaking frogs. It will also be made from plush polyester exterior and interior, making it perfect for peaceful slumber.