The Nanoleaf Bloom will let you dim your lights with a regular light switch

Nanoleaf Bloom

We all want to be more efficient and cut down on electric bills, but many of the “solutions” that have come up are often expensive (its takes money to save money, right?). However, not all of us are so well off that we can toss hundreds or thousands at new energy management systems. For those of us just scraping by, spending a little and saving a lot is the only way things can be done.

 The Nanoleaf Bloom is one method of cutting corners that doesn’t have an outrageous price tag. It is a lightbulb that you can dim to your preferred brightness just by flicking a regular on/off switch thanks to an embedded microprocessor. This isn’t a flickering light, just flip on to start the dimming process, and lock in the desired amount of light by flipping off and on again. If you want to dim it from full brightness, just flip off/on and repeat the process once more for you to hit your specified level of illumination.

There is a night mode available which gives you a dull light that you can turn on by flipping on/off/on if the light is off, and only flip off/on if the bulb is already alight. This works just like a regular bulb, so if you have multiple lights that are all controlled by one switch, you will be controlling/dimming all of the bulbs in the room (if you have equipped all sockets with the Nanoleaf Bloom of course). This light is said to last for 27 years if it used for about 3 hours a day, so let’s cut that in half if not more should you be a bit more forgetful than you’d like. While this will save you money and isn’t going to cost you several hundred dollars, it is going to cost you around $40 for one bulb. If you’re living hand-to-mouth, that’s still going to be more than what’s likely available in your budget.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter