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The NanoGrid will give you light, however you need it


Past a certain hour of the day, we’re pretty reliant on light to see what’s going on around us. While some are content with one or two lights on in the house, others need to turn on every single light as they move through each room. Usually if the power goes out we can rely on a flashlight app from our smartphones, but eventually your battery will drain, and then what do you do?

If it’s a dire situation, you’re going to need something that can be fueled by the sun or hand-cranked, but for shorter scenarios the NanoGrid will do just fine. This can fulfill three jobs in one by being area lighting, a flashlight, and a charger all in one place. You can choose to use your phone to power the lights, or use the lights to power your phone. There is the main one, Powerlight, which will act as your 360 degree lantern that can reach out as far as 33 feet or you can switch it to directional light that can span out to 328 feet, and there are Sitelights that reach about 10 feet.

This set comes with the Powerlight and two Sitelights each with 10 feet of cord. There are options to dim the light, and emergency strobe settings in case you come across trouble. The Powerlight and Sitelights will burn for 2.5 hours on high, or 14.5 hours on low off of one iPhone 5 charge. The Powerlight contains a 4400mAh rechargeable battery that can recharge from any USB source of power in four hours. You can daisy-chain up to four Sitelights, but that would likely mean buying this $99.99 purchase twice.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek