Nanodots magnetic sets released today

This next item is set to be launched today, and I’m not certain how to classify it. I suppose that one could simply look at it and call it a building toy, but I would compare it with Lego or K’nex.

The Nanodots are essentially tiny magnetized balls that will lock together when put in certain arrangements. You can watch a video here of the Nanodots channel if you want to see it in action for yourself.

I found them to be simply amazing, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it for some nice building block fun. Yes, Nanodots are proof that even grown-ups need to have some building block fun too. So all of you adults who play with Lego, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, I wouldn’t give the Nanodots to a kid, unless they were a certain age. This is one thing that you would not want your kid to swallow. I think I saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where something like this happened. The last thing you want to see is some weird case on Grey’s Anatomy come to life, believe me.

You should be able to get the Nanodots in original metallic, black, silver, or 20K gold. You can order the sets here for a price that range from $29.99-$39.99.

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