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The Nano-b Toothbrush uses expensive materials for a fancier smile

Nano-B toothbrush

There comes a time when you have passed caring about your body, and move into trying to buy it into better health. You know you want to take personal hygiene seriously, but you don’t need to go over the top on basic tools. If you are rather nit-picky about the quality of tooth or hair brush you use, you are more than welcome to spend large quantities of money on them.

While the difference from a normal toothbrush might actually be slight by comparison, the Nano-b toothbrush is going out of its way to cater to your mouth. There are two different kinds of Nano-B toothbrush, but both are made with the health of your gums and teeth in mind. The bristles have a two-tier structure, with long slim bristles so you can floss while you’re brushing, and short oval ones that have rounded edges to protect the soft tissue of your gums.

The charcoal and gold toothbrush will absorb toxins, whiten your teeth, and the gold will kill bacteria. As for the silver option, it will kill bacteria on your toothbrush, keeping it clean and safe to use. This are going to cost you close to $13, and more with shipping of course. While I’m sure these will help your dental health, it’s really up to you to keep up with brushing and flossing regularly. The small detail improvements will certainly help, but it will really only boost things if you already have a good hygiene routine going.

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