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Naim Mu-so wireless music system receives TIDAL support

naim-musoIt looks like going wireless (including wireless music streaming) is the way to go, and the big thing to do these days. After all, who would want to remain in the previous century by being tethered to a particular device, not to mention that cables tend to have this ability to get all tangled up with one another, even when you leave them alone? It does feel as though they have a life of their own, really. Well, Naim’s award winning Mu-so wireless music system which arrived late last year has picked up its fair share of accolades and bouquets, bringing together a combination of connectivity, style and sound quality, and it seems that TIDAL and full multi-room capability will be heading in the Mu-so’s direction.

TIDAL happens to be a global music and entertainment platform which will bring artists and fans together via unique music and content experiences, where this particular platform delivers high fidelity, CD sound quality and high quality video. With Mu-so adding TIDAL and full multi-room capability into the mix, it is an even more tempting offering for those who are on the lookout for a convenient wireless music system. Even then, this is without having to compromise on the listening experience. The spanking new update would turn the Mu-so into the best sounding multi-room audio product on the market.

Fret not if you are a Mu-so owner at the moment, you can always update your unit in order to have it gain the couple of new features via the Naim control app for iOS and Android devices. In addition, the new and existing Mu-so owners will be on the receiving end of a free 90-day trial of the service. If you have yet to pick up the Mu-so, it will set you back by $1,499 a pop.

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