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Nail Cushion prevents painful occurrences


The Nail Cushion concept if definitely something every avid DIY enthusiast should have – it is a rubberized plate that holds various nail diameters, allowing you to hit an easy and safe strike without causing any pain or injury to your good self. Designed by Arthur Se, I’m surprised that nobody has come up with this concept before. Hopefully we’ll be able to see this arrive in hardware shops sooner rather than later.

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1 thought on “Nail Cushion prevents painful occurrences”

  1. Yeah – somebody DID think of this before – it’s called a ‘hair comb’ and aside from:
    the advantage that once you’ve driven the nail you can pull the comb straight up (or down) to release the nail,
    the advantage that you can fit any size nail in the comb without caluculating the nailhead that will fit back through the little hole,
    the fact that you can get a 2-pack of combs for 99 cents (in case you lose it on the job site)
    the ultimate perk: you can comb your hair with it (take the nail out first!)

    Jeeze – you’d think somebody would talk to a professional capenter before marketing a doink like this…

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