Nail Cap hides nails under cute cover

This has to be the most simple way to decoratively hang things in your home.  With this you can stick with your ordinary nails, it just manages to hide the nail underneath a cute little cap.  The best part is that this can be used time and time again in all different areas, unlike the decorative hooks you’d normally pick up at the store.  Hooks will eventually wear out and become difficult to screw into the wall.

These are at the very least the most happy hooks I’ve ever come across.  They are featured in all sorts of colors.  You can use them for anything from hanging your car keys or as a quick way to keep hats and sweaters off of the floor.  Sadly these are just a design from Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design.  Even if it is just a design right now though, it’d be perfect for a seller like Perpetual Kid.

Source: Yanko