Clicky – Weather gets Personal

Has anyone ever wondered about the weather reporting lately? Its gotten to a point in my neck of the woods that if the weatherman says its going to rain, I break out the sunglasses and tanning lotion. My 15 year old knee injury is a much better predictor of the weather than my local news. The weather at my house is quite different than at my parents, who live only 9 miles away, but they live in the valley.
Finally there is something different, is changing the way folks receive and use weather information with a brand new, free app for  iPhone and Android devices and an app for the iPad will be available soon. is the most precise compilation of weather information for customers anywhere in the world, MyWeather is six times more precise in providing location-specific weather conditions than its competitors and offers users completely personalized weather reports tailored for their lives, locations, and interests, whether they’re online or on the go.
MyWeather users receive forecasts specific to their block, not merely their city, with data that lets them anticipate lightning strikes during a golf round; determine the best time on a cloudy day to walk the dog in the park; or decide whether or not to pack an umbrella for a sporting event. Imagine a weather report that was spot on? Imagine not lugging your coat around all day, or wishing you had a sweater? Cool.
“MyWeather is a weather application for the Facebook generation,” said Chris Kelly, President, MyWeather. “We set out to provide users with a degree of customization and portability that they demand in an increasingly mobile world. MyWeather does that better than anyone else, offering a platform that is as intuitive as it is expert.”
“With the launch of MyWeather, Weather Central is thrilled to bring its industry-leading weather data and graphics directly to consumers worldwide, and with a new level of personalization that’s never before been available,” said Terry Kelly, Founder and CEO of Weather Central, LP. “We’ve been a trusted weather information provider for more than 35 years, and we’re confident that consumers will find our products as reliable, useful, and accurate as our enterprise clients do.”

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