MyPhones for kids limit the max volume


If you’re a little worried about you or your kids listening to music far too loudly, these headphones would be one way to control that.  It’s actually meant for kids, but adults that are trying to clean up their own act would benefit from something like these too.  They make it so that the highest you can make the volume won’t actually damage your hearing.  Plus, these headphones allow you to pick and choose the look of them on a day to day basis.

These come with a few extra caps that will work for both the girls and guys.  Especially since it appears that they have a blue version featuring a cute little robot.  Those that know a little bit about decibel levels will be interested to know that these only go up to about 85.  Personally, I’d just have to listen to them to even get a remote idea on how loud that’s going to be.  The earpads are also completely washable, which is always a perk when kids are involved.  You can buy a set for $30 as of this October from Griffin Technology.

Source:  Gadgenista