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MyGuard Sport lets you exercise in comfort and safety

myguard-sportIt pays to exercise as that would certainly be able to extend one’s life as well as provide a greater degree of quality when one still walks on this earth. Of course, there are many different kinds of ways to exercise and getting one’s health in order, where joining up with a gym would certainly do its bit in ensuring you can sweat out buckets in relative comfort and safety, but for those who would prefer to have something that is less sterile, then taking a run or walk along the pavement at the neighborhood is always an option. How about making sure you are visible at all times in order to minimize the risk of you ending up as a statistic? This is what the MyGuard Sport is all about, where it comes in the form of a safety illuminated armband that will be able to hold mobile devices while providing one with peace-of-mind during day and night fitness activity.

The $49.99 MyGuard Sport is a flagship product, where this safety armband will come with a hands-free device pocket that makes it perfect for just about any fitness enthusiast. It does not matter whether you are walking, biking or training for a race, the MyGuard Sport will be able to protect athletes’ belongings from the environment at the same time keeping the athlete safe with highly visible LED lights, reflective bands and an emergency panic alarm.

The 105db panic alarm is also something special, since it can be activated in a jiffy simply by pulling a pin on the band, where tossing away the pin will make it close to impossible for an attacker to silence the alarm and go unnoticed. The MyGuard Sport also comes with bright red and green LED colors which can be used in 7 different high-visibility light modes – such as steady, blinking, pulsing and emergency alert. The lightweight adjustable band boasts of reflective material with up to 1,200 ft. of visibility, while the storage pocket stashes away cash, keys or other small valuables during your physical activity.

Definitely not the first safety armband that we’ve seen, and it sure as heck won’t be the last, either, going to prove that there is a definitive market for something like this.

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